Wellspo Extravaganza 2020

InnerOrigin.com is bringing you the “Wellspo Extravaganza Online” for 3 days.
Friday 29th May, Saturday 30th May and Sunday 31st May.

You will hear from World Champions, Leading Health Professionals, and inspiring Wellness Leaders including Dr Charlie Teo (Leading Neurosurgeon), Dr Sandra Cabot, Layne Beachley (8 Times World Surfing Champion), Roy Jones Junior World Champion Boxer, Sharon Anyos (5 Times World Boxing Champion), Therese Kerr Organics Industry Ambassador Australia, Don Chisholm (Have You got the Guts to be Really Healthy) and so many more!

This is shaping up to be the greatest online Wellness Event ever!

Super Early Bird Price: $29
Early Bird Price: $59
Full Price: $99