When Professor Marc Cohen (AKA ‘Dr Marc’) asked what the best water filter was for his home, the answer was, “It depends”.  Every type of filter has pros and cons and there is no one filter that ticks all the boxes.  As Dr Marc says though, “you can either use a filter, or become one” and he set out to find the best technology currently available.


The Importance of Water

We know that water is essential to life.  We have all heard that humans are around 70% water.  While that’s true based on volume and mass, Dr Marc says that on a molecular level, we’re actually 99% water.  As such, the quality of the water that we’re exposed to can significantly impact our health.  According to an analysis just released by the EWG, substances in drinking water can even increase your risk of cancer.

Clean water is the cheapest way of improving health.  On a large scale, this involves adding chlorine &/or chloramine to Municipal water supplies to kill common pathogenic bacteria.  It does the job well, but with all we’re learning about the microbes responsible for 90% of our genetic expression, now the question is what effects are these chemicals having on our gut microbiome? These microbes help to control our thoughts, mood, diet, appetite, what food we want to eat and even who we want to be with.  They also impact our gut permeability, nutrient uptake and immune function.  

It’s not just the water we drink that matters, though.  We’re exposed to 10x more water through bathing each day than what we drink and when water is heated, the chlorine and its by-products (such as trihalomethanes, or THMs) become volatile and are easily inhaled.  The skin surface area of an average adult is around 2m2 and we’re covered is beneficial microbes. Our lungs have a surface area of around 150m2, or nearly the size of a tennis court, with a high permeability to allow normal exchange of gasses to & from our bloodstream.  As such, there’s probably no part of our body not affected by the chlorine.

Here are the ‘10 Calamities of Chlorine‘ that Dr Marc posted on his Facebook page:

1) Chlorine is a potent poison
Chlorine is so toxic to bacteria it makes great disinfectants, antiseptics, pesticides and antibiotics. The acrid smell of chlorine can be detected above 0.1 ppm, inhaling 1- 4 ppm damages the lungs, above 40 ppm causes acute chest pain, shortness of breath, and cough, and above 400 ppm is fatal.

2) Chlorine has many toxic forms
Chlorine gas was used to kill soldiers in the First World War. Chlorine bleach and disinfectants produce toxic disinfection by-products. Organochlorines like DDT are persistent pollutants that accumulate in the food-chain. Chlorofluorocarbons are volatile compounds toxic to the ozone layer. PVC releases dioxins and other hazardous waste into the environment.

3) Chlorine is toxic when ingested
Chlorine forms poisonous acids in the body and its disinfection by-products such as Trihalomethanes are known to cause cancer and birth defects. Persistent exposure to low levels of chlorine and its by-products in contaminated drinking water and food may lead to gut dysbiosis and a wide range of chronic diseases.

4) Chlorine is toxic on skin
Chlorine in bathing water directly irritates and dries out skin and hair and may alter the skin microflora leading to skin dysbiosis. Chlorine may cause or aggravate many diseases including psoriasis, allergies, eczema, contact dermatitis, acne, poor wound-healing, skin ulcers, dandruff, yeast and fungal infections, rosacea, and accelerated skin aging.

5) Chlorine is toxic when inhaled
Chlorine and its volatile by-products are released when chlorinated water is heated and are easily inhaled. Chlorine irritates the mucous membranes in your eyes, nose and respiratory tract and causes immediate or delayed symptoms including watering eyes, sneezing, sinus congestion, coughing, choking, wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and death.

6) Chlorine is volatile
Chlorine and its volatile by-products avoid first-pass metabolism in your liver by being directly absorbed into the bloodstream through the large surface area of your lungs and skin. Exposure to hot water through bathing, showering, dishwashing or other activities therefore produces greater exposure to disinfection by-products than exposure through drinking.

7) Chlorine is more toxic for the young
Chlorinated water is associated with higher rates of still births and birth defects. Infants and young children’s skin, eyes, respiratory tract and developing microbiome are more sensitive to chlorine and its by-products, which may contribute to the development and aggravation of asthma, hay fever, allergies, skin irritation and gut dysbiosis.

8) Chlorine leads to leaks
Chlorine and its volatile by-products can erode flexible, braided water hoses leading to leaks and plumbing failure when chlorine-based cleaners and disinfectants are stored nearby. Chlorine can also cause pinhole pitting in copper pipes and cause leaks and water damage to buildings and the development of dampness, moisture and mould.

9) Chlorine leaches lead
Chlorine and its by-products are corrosive agents and they combine with pH, alkalinity, temperature, oxidation potential, and other chemicals to leach lead from pipes, solder and ‘lead-free’ brass plumbing fixtures. Lead in drinking water leads to neurotoxicity, and stunted cognitive development, learning disabilities, attention difficulties and antisocial behaviour in children.

10) Chlorine makes hazardous waste
Chlorine-based products such as PVC produce dioxins and other hazardous Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) when they are burned. POPs are toxic to human and wildlife at low levels, do not degrade easily, are distributed around the globe through long-range environmental transport, and bioaccumulate up the food chain in fatty tissue.


An Increasingly Toxic World

Chlorine and chloramine are not the only toxins in our water.  There’s a saying that “the solution to pollution is dilution”, and for the last century in particular, humans have discharged all sorts of toxins into sewers, streams, rivers and oceans with this idea that it would just wash away.  However, we have now created so much pollution that it doesn’t just disappear.  Testing was done on the breastmilk of a native tribe in New Guinea who lived 2000km away from agriculture and an elevation of 2000m and DDT (an organochlorine) was found that they’d never been exposed to in any other way.  These chemicals are part of the water cycle now and fall in rain world-wide.  In the last few decades, we’ve seen an average loss 2/3 of all species on Earth, increasing to around 78% near ‘fresh’ water.

Common pollutants in our drinking water include:

  • pharmaceutical drugs (including the oral contraceptive pill and antibiotics)
  • pesticides
  • herbicides (such as glyphosate)
  • heavy metals
  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • parasites
  • protozoa
  • cysts
  • mould spores
  • sediment
  • radioactive materials
  • fire retardants
  • VOCs

Thirsty yet?

Even if you are on tank water, many of these pollutants are still in the water, so filtration is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.


Extreme Wellness Water Filters

Dr Marc’s motto is “drinking less poison is good for you”.  The man has a point!

After searching worldwide for the best technology available, he discovered filter catridges developed by a Russian company that took out the main pollutants of concern, but also had a high flow rate so you can shower without any loss of pressure or fill the bath for the kids without delay.  Testing in both Europe and America show they completely remove Hepatitis A virus, noroviruses, rotaviruses, chlorine, chloramine, pathogens, residues, pharmaceutical drugs, sediments, parasites, around 40-50% of fluoride and everything else that should be removed from water before you bathe, shower or drink it.

Extreme Wellness Water Filter Cartridge | www.unitywellness.com.au

I know a lot of people are concerned about fluoride and I’m one who’d love to see the end of mass medication through water fluoridation (a topic for another day).  However, the only way to remove 100% of fluoride is through reverse osmosis – a process that wastes a lot of water and can’t filter water at a high flow rate.  Dr Marc is working on an add-on filter to further reduce fluoride and I’ll update this post when it becomes available.  He wanted to focus on the 10 other pollutants that are worse than fluoride first.

There are 3 water filters in Dr Marcs Extreme Wellness Range, with options to suit renters or those travelling, right up to the whole house system.


Countertop Filter

Countertop Water Filter | www.unitywellness.com.auSitting above the sink,this system screws onto any standard mixer tap making it extremely easy to install and uninstall.

This system has a flow rate of 2.5 L/min at pressures up to 100 PSI and a capacity of 4,000 litres (depending on water source). Cartridges provide clean drinking water for a full 12 months.

These reliable filters are easy to install operate and maintain and will protect you and your family whether or not power is available.




Whole Sink Filter

Under Sink Water Filter | www.unitywellness.com.auFree your kitchen water from contaminants, without leaving holes in your bench-top, or your budget.

Fitting comfortably under your sink, this high-flow filter can filter all the water from your kitchen tap, hot and cold, and reduce the toxic burden from your food and drinks.

This system has a flow rate of 25 L/min at pressures up to 100 PSI and a capacity of 150,000 litres(depending on water source). Cartridges provide clean kitchen water for a full 12 months.




Whole House Filter

Whole House Water Filter | www.unitywellness.com.auExperience the comfort of knowing you can drink, cook, shower, bathe, groom your pets and irrigate your plants using water free from toxic contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, heavy metals, hardness salts, dissolved and colloidal iron, radioactive materials, sediment, and a range of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, cysts, mould spores and residues from pharmaceutical drugs.

These two 20-inch high-grade stainless steel cannisters are loaded with filter media including woven polypropylene, activated carbon and state-of-the-art ion-exchange polymer. These filters soften and alkalinise your water leaving naturally healthy water that resists and prevent scaling.

With a flow rate of 50 L/min at pressures up to 100 PSI and a capacity of 300,000 litres (depending on water source), this system can supply your entire home for a year before cartridges need replacing.




If you’d like more information on the filters, you can download a brochure HERE or watch the interview with Dr Marc below about the range.

EDIT 1st Oct 2019: The introductory pricing in the catalogue is about to end, so order now before the prices increase.  Payment plans are available over 4 weeks.  Please email nyree@unitywellness.com.au or message me via my Facebook Page for more info.


For more general information on why we need to reduce our exposure to toxins, you can also read a great article by Dr Marc about the ‘10 Toxic Truths‘.

When you purchase one of these filters,  you can also opt to participate in a study Dr Marc is doing on the effects of filtered water on the microbiome.  You can contact him direct at info@drmarc.co to discuss the process and requirements.

Your purchase will not only benefit you and your family, but proceeds from every Extreme Wellness Water Filter purchased will help to provide a family in a third world country with 100 litres of clean, distilled water every day for 25 years.  Worldwide, (primarily) women and girls travel a combined 200 million hours every day to collect water, much of which causes illness due to pollution, pathogens and parasites.  Imagine how different their lives could be if they got those hours back to study, grow food or start a business in their local community and no longer had to suffer debilitating illness!

Bathe The World | www.unitywellness.com


Clean Water | www.unitywellness.com.au


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