Remembering Louise Hay

  I heard the news of Louise Hay's passing yesterday via a post on a friend's Facebook page.  Social media is my main source of news these days, but I always verify the authenticity.  Sadly, this news was true & I have seen many tribute posts on...
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Denmark Intends To Be The World’s FIRST 100% Organic Nation

The Danish government accumulated 53 million Euros in 2015 to transform the nation into an organic one.   Bhutan announced its plan to become the world’s first 100% organic nation in 2013, but it now has some competition. That’s right, Denmark’s government...
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The Heart of Health – Dr Ross Walker’s 5 Keys to Good Health

With all the health-related information available these days, do you ever wish someone would just simplify it all into a few easy steps you could understand? I've had the pleasure of listening to Sydney Cardiologist, Dr Ross Walker speak twice in as many months.  The...
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The Dark Side of Chocolate

  Pretty much straight after Christmas, the shops start filling their shelves with Easter goodies - usually starting with hot cross buns, but the chocolate easter eggs & rabbits are never far behind. While I prefer to avoid those that are filled with sugar...
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Drug-induced Nutrient Deficiencies

  Whilst Pharmaceutical drugs can be life-saving in some cases, it is well-known that they can cause side-effects which can impede on your quality of life.  A number of these side effects can be linked to nutrient deficiencies caused by the medications, but as...
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How I released 30+kg with the 4 Phase Fat Loss Protocol

  Grab yourself a cuppa....   I've figured it's time to share my experience with Changing Habits so you can understand why I'm such a fan.  It's a story of increased health & decreased weight that I've been meaning to share for a little while.  In fact,...
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Thermomix Grain-Free Crackers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Once upon a time......I was a Thermomix Consultant. I'd bought my Thermomix back in August 2009 on the recommendation of a friend.  I'd just sold my house so we had some spare cash to set ourselves up in the house my husband & I had...

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