American author Gregg Braden, famous for his cancer-treatment theories presents this fascinating theory: that our emotions affect our DNA and that the collective power of thoughts, such as suggestion or prayer, can cure us of any kind of physical disease, including cancer.



Cancer Cells

He claims that cancer cells effectiveness are stopped by intent and awareness of the existent synergy between our thoughts and manifestations in the physical world, and there there is a field that connects everything together.
This ‘essential field’ he mentions has been scientifically proven and explained in “Nature” n.332, the leading science journal in 1996.

Control over thoughts and emotions

Braden states that emotions and thoughts form an electromagnetic field, whose waves reach 1 meter from our bodies.
Visionary scientist Nikola Tesla even said that one day people will be able to produce electric power with the help of the strength of their own thoughts, which means our thoughts are extremely powerful with energy.
This does specifically apply to focused and strong thoughts, instead of the scattered thoughts of everything we see or feel on a daily basis. Collective thoughts can form exceptionally powerful electromagnetic fields and in turn, physically affect the environment.
All we need is for the technique to be developed and we will have treatments based upon this theory put into practice.
This theory is shown to have been proven by a video recorded in a Chinese hospital which shows curing of cancer of 3×2.5 cm size in less than 3 minutes, after following the entire process on ultrasound on a screen.
Powerful electromagnetic radiation can only be created after you have learned to control your emotions and feelings, and to enhance them with exercises.

DNA changes feelings

Feelings and emotions are actually mirrors to our environment. Everything created within ourselves is projected into our surrounding environment and so our reality is created from what is inside us.
For example, if you think: “One day I’ll be happy, or I’ll be healed, or I’ll get a good job, and so on…” the mirror tells us that this idea is a projection of things to happen in the future, and so it will never happen in the now.
If we can learn to speak and feel that we are changing ourselves in the present moment, and believe as if that has already happened, a change in our DNA will happen and therefore we will change with it.
It is only our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and faith that control everything that happens to us, what happens within us and effects our general lives.
Be aware that your DNA can be changed by your emotions. Be sure to use this important tool to benefit your life.

Take a look at Gregg Braden’s presentation in this video:



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