With all the health-related information available these days, do you ever wish someone would just simplify it all into a few easy steps you could understand?

I’ve had the pleasure of listening to Sydney Cardiologist, Dr Ross Walker speak twice in as many months.  The first time, I was blown away! Although I certainly knew of him, as someone who does not have (known) heart issues, I’d never listened to his radio show or discovered his view on health issues.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he’s been championing preventative medicine for 20+ years.  He’s very much a man of science & that science backs up the power of lifestyle choices in maintaining optimal health.

On the second training call last night, he spoke again about what he believes are ‘The 5 Keys to Good Health’:


He says by following these five keys, you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by a massive 83%!!!!!  Given that 1 person has a heart attack every 12 minutes in Australia and 1 in 3 people will have a heart attack in their lifetime, that’s a lot of lives that can be saved….as well as a lot of tax-payer dollars.

To reduce the risk even further, one of the products he’s been involved in developing is Bergamet Pro+, based on the bergamot fruit which grows only in the rich volcanic soil of Calabria, Italy.  He’s had some amazing clinical results with his patients who are able to reduce or stop other medication.  He recommends it for anyone over the age of 50 because of the following effects:

  • It activates AMP-Kinase (AMPK) which is the master metabolic switch that triggers the breakdown of sugar & fat in the gut.  This results in a reduction in belly fat
  • It inhibits PDE-3 & opens the arteries to improve blood flow (no more ‘little blue pills’ for the older men)
  • It contains 5 polyphenols which have antioxidant properties
  • It converts the small, dangerous cholesterol particles into the large, desirable variety & reduces triglycerides
  • It protects against fatty liver – something 1 in 4 people in Western society have to some degree
  • Used as a treatment for metabolic syndrome (sometimes called ‘Syndrome X’).  30% of white people, 50% of Asian people & 100% of black people have the gene for insulin resistance.  From an evolutionary standpoint, this was useful as it allowed us to store belly fat for energy until we could hunt/gather our next meal.  However, these days there’s an abundance of food & we tend to be much more sedentary, so that benefit has become a liability.

There are a number of complementary supplements he also recommends particularly for people aged 50+, but also for anyone with ongoing lethargy:

  • Ubiquinol – Active form of CoQ10.  Increases mitochondrial energy production which decreases significantly around the age of 50 due to hormonal changes. Low ubiquinol levels result in tiredness & muscular aches.  Statin medications also reduce ubiquinol levels, so anyone on statins MUST supplement with ubiquinol.  Insufficient ubiquinol can result in heart failure.
  • Magnesium Orotate – increases CoQ10 levels in the body
  • Vitamin K2 – decalcifies arteries & returns the calcium to the bones (better at preventing osteoporosis that calcium supplements, which increase the risk of heart attack in women by 30% with no reduction in the risk of bone fractures)
  • Ateronon – excellent source of lycopene (equivalent to 30 tomatoes per dose) which is a well-recognised antioxidant.  It reduces risk of breast & prostate cancer & is beneficial for men with prostatic enlargement (BPH).  Also acts as a vasodilator to improve blood flow & reduce blood pressure.

Heart Health Pack } www.unitywellness.com.auBecause he knows how effective these products are not only individually, but synergistically, he has bundled them together in a ‘Heart Health Pack‘, available here.

**UPDATE 15 March 2018** Dr Walker has now released his own brand of supplements, which can be purchased individually or as a pack.  You can see the full range HERE under ‘Shop > Supplements’.

As always, check with your health care provider to ensure the products are suitable for you (and get some “before” blood tests), but if you try the products & love them, leave a review on the website & also comment below.  I’d love to hear what a difference they make to you 🙂


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