Hemp Oz Hemp Kombucha Starter Kit



As featured on the SBS television series ‘Medicine or Myth?‘, Hemp Oz claims; “Clinical trial upholds the remarkable health benefits of Hemp Oz Kombucha with positive, significant results for Type 2 Diabetes sufferers.”

A drink combining hemp oil and kombucha has been found to be a promising potential treatment to manage Type 2 Diabetes, following a clinical trial conducted on ‘Medicine or Myth?’ which aired nationally on Monday 1 July 2019.

Clinically proven: 75% of participants experiences astonishing results and dramatically improved fasting blood sugar levels, while 31% had their diabetes symptoms removed completely. The trial suggests further research over a longer period of time is warranted.

“If we can reduce the blood sugar levels over a seven-day period, imagine what we could do over a longer period of time,” Dr Mansberg commented.

Included in the kit is everything you need to start brewing!

Organic loose leaf tea – the best blend for the finest tasting kombucha
Organic cane sugar – the scoby eats this and turns it into the healing tonic
Scoby – this guy does all the work to create the magic
pH strips – to test the pH level – you want it tasting just right
Instructions – so you know how to do it of course!
Hemp Oil – the magic ingredient to shake it up for optimum health and taste


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