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I’m based in Tasmania’s gorgeous Huon Valley where I live on a couple of acres with my husband, our two daughters, six cats, two rabbits, two chooks, a guinea pig & countless wild things that hop, slither & fly. ¬†

As a child, I was often sick with asthma, allergies, eczema, bronchitis, etc, as were my younger siblings. ¬†Add to that a family history of depression, cancer, endocrine issues & more & you can begin to understand why we joke we have a ‘cesspool’ rather than a gene pool!

I was on a cruise after finishing high school & I had an epiphany РI needed to study Naturopathy.  I needed to know there was a better way to health to prevent the next generation from suffering the same maladies.  After finishing the course, I went on to manage a clinic South of Adelaide.  A couple of years later, I moved to Tasmania with plans to open my own clinic, but life took another direction.

My eldest daughter was born in 2005 & I knew I did not want to return to working for someone else while she was young. ¬†As it turns out, she did not want to go anywhere either & for various reasons, we decided home education was the best option for her. ¬† We were trying to provide her with a much-longed for younger sibling, but experienced some losses. ¬†After about a year of focused lifestyle changes, I was healthier than ever and conceived our youngest daughter, who was born in the middle of the home we’d built ourselves.

A month after her 2nd birthday, I started having random seizures. ¬†Tests showed there was nothing that was going to significantly affect my life expectancy, so I turned to chiropractic care & an integrative doctor. ¬†It was confirmed I have pyroluria & MTHFR mutations, which I’d long suspected. ¬†Between regular visits to the chiro, appropriate supplementation & focusing on self care (AKA “putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others”), I was soon seizure-free & able to function again. ¬†It really brought home the importance of good nutrition & a balanced lifestyle – the unity of all aspects of life¬†that bring about a state of wellness.

So here I am now, acutely focused on¬†wellness, abundance & community – both for myself & those I come into contact with. ¬†I’ll be sharing information, recipes & product reviews to help you make healthier choices for your own family so you can minimise the risk of dis-ease in current & future generations. ¬†

I look forward to getting to know you via my Facebook page, Instagram, MeWe, or you can send me an email at nyree@unitywellness.com.au if you want more info about anything you see.

Yours in good health,

Nyree xx

About Me

Nyree Yali

Nyree Yali

Hi, I'm a former Naturopath-turned-unschooling-parent to a toddler & a tween living in the beautiful South of Tasmania. I'm now helping others on their own journey to wellness & abundance through connecting with their community. I look forward to getting to know you better!Read more...

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