Father’s Day 2018 is only a couple of weeks away, so if you’re looking for something other than socks & undies this year, I have a few ideas below to suit Dads of all tastes.


The Tech Head

Whether on his phone or laptop all day for work, or he likes to spend his spare time watching Netflix or gaming, here are some gifts to reduce the impact of EMF radiation on the geeky Dad in your life:Father's Day Gifts | Tech Dad | www.unitywellness.com.au

  1. Laptop Radiation Shield – reduces the electromagnetic exposure when using your laptop by 92%.
  2. Airtube Headset – Regular headsets transfer 3x more radiation into the ear via metal wiring but Aircom A3 Airtubes stop the radiation! Available in black or white.
  3. Anti-radiation phone covers – to suit iPhone 5/5S/SE, 6/6S, 7 & Samsung Galaxy S7
  4. mobileFloww or personalFloww – Floww® products transform the electromagnetic radiation associated with wireless communications into biological, body frequencies.


The Gourmand

  1. Fathers Day gifts 2018 | www.unitywellness.com.auLife Cykel Mushroom Box – get Dad growing his own oyster mushrooms. 
  2. Nature’s Tribe Chocolate – 100% Sugar Free, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Preservative Free, No Artificial Colours or Flavours, Vegan Friendly and Rainforest Alliance Certified sourced Cocoa.  Available in Dark, Paleo Mix, Wild Mint and Almond & Cranberry.
  3. Pickld Certified Organic Premium Seasoning Blends with spices & fermented lentils to add fibre, taste, texture & nutrition to meals. Available in 6 varieties – Coriander, Sesame, Coconut, Chilli Sesame, Mint and Spicy Coriander & Cumin.
  4. Organic Licorice – This Organic Traditional Licorice is made with real licorice roots, has no artificial additives and flavourings and is low in fat and preservative free.


The Sportsman

  1. Bfathers Day Gifts | www.unitywellness.com.auodie’z Protein Water – 4 drinks in 1 formulation as not only does each serve contain up to 30g of Whey Protein Isolate, it also contains vitamins, electrolytes and Branched Chain Amino Acids. Effectively, BODIE’z Protein Water could supplement your current protein shake, vitamin drink, isotonic sports drink and intra workout beverage.  Available in berry, orange & a variety pack.
  2. LifeCykel Vegan Protein powder containing pea protein, hemp protein & reishi mushrooms in 500g & 1kg packs
  3. Red Hippo Athlete blend to speed post-workout recovery
  4. Fitness Kick Book Pack – Motivation, self-image, a positive attitude, setting goals, creating healthy habits, what to eat, how to get your body alkaline, what makes your body acidic and what to avoid, the benefits of exercise, and an introduction to Matt & Monica’s Fusion Workouts, are all covered.  If Dad prefers an online/app-based program, they’ve got that covered with their 84 Day Body Challenge.
  5. For THOSE sports shoes, try the Fresh Feet probiotic odor-neutralising spray or the Fresh Foot mineral spray.
  6. Paramao Oil for relief of pain & inflammation, arthritis, sporting injuries, joint & muscle pain, tendonitis, sunburn, rashes, insect bites and more.
  7. Sanakey Pain Relief Device – fast, effective, drug-free pain relief.  Great for facilitating recovery from sporting injuries & relieving aching muscles.
  8. Minimal shoes to encourage proper form without slipping, whether lifting weights or doing yoga.


The Grandfather

Some gift ideas for the older Dad wanting to stay happy & healthy for his kids, grandkids & great grandkids.

Father's Day 2018 grandfathers | www.unitywellness.com.au

  1. Heart Health Pack – Reduce the cardiometabolic changes that come with age.
  2. Natural Harmony Body & Joint Rub – wonderful for all types of pain relief including Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Neck and shoulder stiffness, Headaches and Migraines, Pulled and Strained Muscles, Tennis Elbow. Also for relief of some skin conditions including Pimples, Eczema, & Psoriasis.
  3. Painmaster – Gentle but effective Micro Current Technology patches to help alleviate chronic pain.


The Dirty Dad

Magic Mud | www.unitywellness.com.au

For Dads who love to get grease on their hands, garden dirt under their nails, are partial to painting or are fishing fanatics, try the fantastic Magic Mud hand cleaner.  It effectively cleans & deodorises not only hands, but anything with grease & grime, so tell him to try it out on the stove, boat or BBQ, too!  Available in a convenient 300g tube or a value 5 litre pump bottle.

With the weather warming up, throw in a microfibre BBQ cleaning cloth or a car chamois.


The Zen DadFather's Day gifts 2018 | www.unitywellness.com.au

A man who at one with his spiritual side, who values the quiet times as much as the busy ones.

  1. Bodhi Organics SereniTEA with chamomile, lavender, mint & lemon, or maybe a Herbal Tea Lovers Pack or Winter Warmer Pack with 2 herbal teas & a glass diffuser flask.
  2. Various varieties of Hari Har Chai – Organic, Calming or Rejuvenating to name a few.
  3. Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser – A cool mist diffuser that doesn’t result in condensation problems like traditional diffusers that use heat.
  4. If Dad’s heart is yearning for a chance and his mind is seeking answers, then Awaken is the book he should be reading. Hailed as the most insightful spiritual book this year, Awaken is clear insight that will delight his heart and challenge his mind. Providing illumination on the path to freedom from the ego and towards true enlightenment and awakening. This book will provide a clear journey to reach what he is seeking.
  5. Give him the gift of inner peace, relaxation and mindfulness with a selection of guided meditations & sound healing recordings.


Every Dad, Every Day

To help Dad avoid the nasty chemicals in every day personal care products, many of which can also affect the quality & quantity of sperm (something to consider for Dads who want to expand their family in the future) here are some great products to fill the bathroom cabinet.Father's Day Gifts | Every Day Day | www.unitywellness.com.au

  1. Vitaman Shave Trio Pack – Shave Gel, After Shave Balm & Moisturiser with BONUS Face & Body Cleanser & Lip Moisturiser.
  2. Vitaman Complete Care for Him – Face & Body Cleanser, Face Scrub, Mud Masque, Face Moisturiser, Volumising Shampoo, Volumising Conditioner, Lip Moisturiser with BONUS Shave Gel.
  3. Vitaman Classic Skincare Collection – Face & Body Cleanser, Face Scrub, Mud Masque & a FREE organic lip moisturiser.
  4. Divine Company organic shave gel – buy 1, get one free! (free tube will automatically be added at checkout)
  5. Effective chemical free deodorant in Vetiver & Thyme, Vanilla / Bergamot / Lime or Fragrance-Free varieties.
  6. Magic Mud Man Body Wash.


These products all ship for $12.95 flat-rate per order, but new customers are eligible to receive Free Shipping on their first order over $99, plus a FREE GIFT!  Just register your free account & you’ll receive a discount code via email to enter during checkout.  All products also come with a 30 day money back guarantee.  Save yourself time & money this year by shopping online from these great Australian & New Zealand Merchants!


Father's Day Healthy Gift Ideas 2018 | www.unitywellness.com.au


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