Trio 21 Day Clean & Lean Detox – Part 1

Trio 21 Day Clean & Lean Detox – Part 1

In my business, I’m fortunate enough to get some fantastic sample products to show people, as well as to try out myself so I can share my experiences.

During a recent tour of Australia, the CEO of the company I’ve joined forces with was telling people about his own major health problems & how despite trying various fermented foods & drinks, he was still having gut issues & could not shift excess weight he was carrying as a result of various medications.  He then tried a 3 week gut healing program in the US that finally delivered the results he’d been searching for. Unfortunately, he was unable to bring the program to Australia but he knew that it could help so many people.  He started working with Dr Sandra Cabot – a name many of you will recognise from the Liver Cleansing Diet – to develop a similar program that would provide the same benefits.  She drew upon her 40 years experience when developing this program & $2 million of research later, Trio is now one of the flagship products available exclusively through this platform.

Now, I know that my gut microbiome is probably not optimal, but my attempts to make changes generally result in my breastfed daughter screaming through the night with gut pain – something she doesn’t do otherwise – so I decided the timing is not right for me right now. As such, I asked my eldest daughter if she’d be willing to give it a go.  I’ll explain why…..

When I was pregnant with her, I was given antibiotics in the third trimester as well as during labour, so even though it was a normal vaginal birth, she would not have been seeded with many of the good bacteria needed to build her own healthy microbiome.  Right from the start, she had major problems with reflux & colic.  She’d always been on the higher end of the scale for both weight & length, but somewhere between 18 month & 3 years, her weight started to go off the chart.  We didn’t have a “bad” diet, but we also hadn’t gone fully gluten & dairy free at that point.  She was active with dancing & gymnastics, as well as being pretty damned talented with a set of hula hoops, so I didn’t worry too much.

Hula Hoop Age 3

As the years passed, her weight increased even more & she showed signs of pre-puberty as early as 5yo, but particularly around 7yo. Thinking back over the years, she has always been a night-owl, which is now commonly known to be a factor in insulin resistance and even if she does go to sleep earlier, she wakes through the night.  Appetite regulation was (is) poor and acanthosis nigricans (skin hyperpigmentation) developed, which is common in hyperinsulinemia.   Add to that mix many of the same symptoms I have related to my MTHFR mutations & pyroluria, as well as a family history of diabetes and you can start to get a picture of why despite her young age (11yo), I really hoped she’d agree to go through with the 21 day Trio program.

Having the gift of age, I know the risks involved with being overweight/obese from childhood, but it’s not always easy to comprehend when you’re younger.  One thing my daughter does know is she wants to be healthier.  She saw me drop 30kg on the Changing Habits 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol & had long being asking to go on that herself.  Although it’s great for identifying food intolerances, I’d rather wait until she’s a little older before attempting that because it’s much stricter & I don’t think she’s quite ready for that level of commitment just yet.  Trio seems to be a good compromise – the same length of time, the same gradual reintroduction of food with a greater awareness how various foods make you feel, but with the benefit of much more food & more focus on the liver & gut which she will so clearly benefit from.  We’ve been gluten free for several years now & dairy free for a few months with moments of LCHF thrown in for good measure, so it will be interesting to see what sort of difference doing this program will make to her.

I also started taking her to my chiropractor a few weeks ago & he is really excited for her to be doing this.  He knows how much this healing will help her, if for no other reason that to put less pressure on her spine, but he was very impressed with the ingredients & the way the program has been put together.  My daughter got teary when he said how proud of he was of her for saying ‘yes’ & to forget about “losing weight”, but rather focus on being healthy & let everything else fall into place – exactly what I’d said to her.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this 3-part series!



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