I’ve been experimenting with the Magic Mud Hand Cleaner (not the charcoal toothpaste of the same name) to see what it can clean besides hands.

I love polishing metal to a shine, so this was so satisfying! I’ve done half of each surface so I can see the difference.

Magic Mud Results | www.unitywellness.com.au

The chrome on the sandwich press has been returned to a mirror-like surface, hubby’s mokka pot no longer has the deposit from the gas burner on its base, the base of the saucepan is brighter, but it was the ring from the burner on our stovetop that I really wanted to clean. They get dirty so easily, but being aluminium, they can’t be cleaned with steel wool or any other harsh abrasives. I think I’ve found the solution!


What is this Magic Mud?


Magic Mud is a unique natural hand cleaner containing soft zeolite and soft silica minerals found in Central North New Zealand. These are obtained through geothermic processes.

Soft Zeolite has a negatively-charged cage-like structure, magnetically pulling contaminants away from the skin or other surface, while the fine grains help scrub and deodorise, leaving your hands feeling soft and smelling great.

Tough enough to clean grease, oil and paint as well as amazing at getting rid of the most pungent smells.

Smelly hands after fishing or preparing seafood

Greasy hands from fixing the car

Painted hands from DIY adventures

Kids covered in paint from artistic pursuits

Dirty hands, possibly with a touch of manure, after a day in the garden

It’s equally effective in cleaning grease, grime & smells from hard surfaces, as seen in the photos.  It will even clean the pipes all the way back to nature!

You can watch this video to see how well it cleans a steel barbeque:

Now I just need to polish the other half of everything I cleaned earlier  😆

If you’d like to try some yourself, you can get it in a handy 300g tube or a value 5 litre pump bottle.  There’s even a 30 day money-back guarantee if you don’t love it (but I reckon you will).


Magic Mud: More Than A Naturally Awesome Hand Cleaner | www.unitywellness.com.au




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