For those of you who have not read Part 1 of this series can do so HERE.

Before my daughter started Trio, I asked her some questions about what she was hoping to get out of the program.  Although I had my own motivation for asking her to do it, I wanted to understand the driving force behind her saying ‘yes’.

So why did you ‘yes’ to doing this program?

I really just want a lot more energy.  Maybe lose a little weight and get back to being healthier.

What does it mean to you to “be healthier”?

Well, to have a good lifestyle & eat the right foods…..go on walks or runs.

How do you think it would make you feel to do that?

Probably happier.  It might help me get to sleep a little earlier, too.

Is there anything you’re not looking forward to?

Well, not really.  I’ve kind of gotten past that point, but the one thing I’m not looking forward to is the drinks….the little sachet things.

Obviously I’m the one who asked you to try this program.  What was your understanding of it when I first asked you?

Just what I’d heard people talk about – gut healing & stuff.

Do you think your gut needs healing, or are there any foods that don’t agree with you?

I don’t knowwww!!  I guess the main foods that don’t agree with me are nuts & dairy.  Yep, that’s it, mainly.

So do you have any goals for the end of the 21 days?  Any changes you’d like to see or feel?

Umm, I don’t know.  Because I’m a dancer & athlete, I need to have a lot of energy to do that & keep my body in shape for it. Basically, just more energised.

So there you have it.  Energy is the main aim so she can keep doing the things she loves.

We’ll talk a bit more in the next installment about her energy levels during the program & beyond, but for now I’d like to share some of the meals she/we ate in the 3 weeks.  One thing that is certainly not lacking from Trio is food.  SO. MUCH. FOOD.  Dr Cabot says you don’t have to eat everything & to let your appetite guide you, but this is NOT a meal replacement program.  There is a full 21 Day menu plan included with the program with plenty of recipes in the book & a few more on her website.  The focus is on nutrient-dense, gut-healing, anti-inflammatory foods to support the detox process, reduce inflammation & pain and support energy production at a cellular level.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have already seen some of these & more, but here’s a selection of meals we enjoyed; some from the Trio book & a couple of family favourites….

Trio Clean & Lean Detox - Part 2 |

As well as 3 meals & 2 snacks a day, there are also the 3 sachets that make up the Trio program:

1)    Superfood Powder An exceptionally potent blend of concentrated superfoods

2)    Gut Detox & Repair PowderFor gut detoxification and repair

3)    Alkalinise & Cleanse PowderTo balance PH and reduce acidity

Trio Clean & Lean Detox sachets |

Dr Cabot & her team sourced the best of the best organic products from across the globe for this program.  Naturopaths I’ve talked to who know about Trio are recommending this detox over the practitioner-only products they usually give their patients because there’s nothing available to match the ingredients & value in Trio.  Just in the Superfood sachet alone there’s over 30 superfoods!

Most of the way through the program, we mixed the Superfood sachet with water.  However, I got sneaky a couple of times & mixed it once with almond milk & once with coconut milk & a splodge of coconut yoghurt to see if she noticed the difference.  She thought the almond milk was alright, but the coconut milk/yoghurt was the clear winner.  As it contains cocoa powder, mixing the powder with coconut turned it into a chocolate smoothie.  As a bonus, the extra fat helps stabilise blood sugar levels in the morning & you get an extra hit of probiotics to help the gut 🙂  Winning!!!

The Detox & Repair powder has a lemony, slightly nutty taste and the Alkalinise & Cleanse powder is…..well…’s a green powder.  It’s the one people often find the most challenging.  My daughter did the old ‘hold the nose & down it’ trick, but other people said they found it easier with cold water &/or a drop of peppermint or lemon essential oil.  Funnily enough, on the last night, she drank it no problem!  Dr Cabot says that people with highly acidic bodies tend to have the hardest time drinking it, but as they become more alkaline, they really don’t mind it.  That’s certainly been the case with others I’ve spoken to who are also on or have already finished Trio. Interesting stuff!

One thing I would recommend is using a blender to mix the drinks.  Although we have a Thermomix which is more than capable of doing the job, I actually ventured out to our shed & exhumed my old bullet-style blender with the cup attachment.  It was perfect for mixing three drinks a day & really helped to disperse the powders through the liquid.  You can also mix the powders into fruit/veggie juice instead of water, which is something we didn’t try as she only wanted them straight, but the option’s there.

Now although we’re not vegan, the question has come up a lot – Can vegans do this detox?  The answer is a resounding YES!

The sachets are all vegan-friendly.  Several of the recipes in the book do include eggs, chicken or seafood as protein sources, but you can easily substitute legumes, nuts & seeds.  There’s a full list of foods to include & foods to avoid, so it’s easy to plan your meals around the allowed foods.

Stay tuned for the final part of this Trio Series where I’ll sit down with my daughter to chat about her experience with Trio – including how she did over Christmas – & talk energy 🙂


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